We are the rescue and rehab facility for injured, sick and orphaned koalas here on Magnetic Island and surrounds.  

We are building a larger enclosure and upgrading our facilities.

We are creating a plantation of Eucalyptus trees for koala food.

Magnetic Island Queensland has the largest Northern population of wild koalas in Australia. We're here to take care of them.

We are a registered charity in Australia. The Hospital relies on donations to run.

You can help with a donation - and thank you!


We are  the rescue and rehab facility for wild koalas on Magnetic Island.  We are a registered charity. Our Veterinarian is Dr Ali Bee. 

The hospital facility is NOT open to the public and we are unable to accept volunteers at this stage - sorry!

Please note: Dr Ali also works as a vet in Townsville and is not always immediately available

Other emergency numbers for Koala rescues are:

Magnetic Island Fauna Care Organisation (MIFCO) 0457 634732 

Tim Bee 0409 163012

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Contact - Please phone on:

T:   0428785488

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