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Magnetic Island Koala Hospital was created for the rescue and rehabilitation of injured, sick and orphaned Koalas on Magnetic Island in North Queensland

The Hospital was set up by Dr Ali Bee and her husband Tim.

Dr Ali arrived on Magnetic Island from East Yorkshire in 2000 (a result of a 3 day holiday earlier on that year on the island when Ali met Tim)

Ali had been heading for Africa but ended up on an altogether different continent instead

Dr Ali worked as a veterinarian on Magnetic Island and quickly found that many of the Koalas that came in to the Vet clinic required somewhere for longer term care

Initially Koalas were cared for in Tim and Ali's home but gradually enclosures were set up with the help of the Magnetic Island Community and very generous supporters

As the numbers of Koalas in care dramatically increased the facilities also had to expand also

The family expanded too with the arrival of Isabella Rose Bee (a.k.a Izzy B. a.k.a The Koala Whisperer) in 2007

A State Government grant allowed the building of a Koala Kindergarten and Clinic which opened in 2014

The Koala Kindergarten has been running at full capacity since the day the doors opened

The building of a larger enclosure was made possible by a very generous donation from Glencore in 2017 and also from Rockmount Racing

Private donations have allowed the day to day running of the facilities and are now helping to upgrade the equipment. Fundraising and donations from the community have always been very generous

Magnetic Island Koala Hospital Ltd would like to acknowledge the generous ongoing financial support of the Fleming Family and Billabong Sanctuary and Bungalow Bay

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