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Our Projects

New Facilities

The Koala Hospital in Horseshoe Bay began as an emergency facility for koalas that Ali took into care as a volunteer. We are now a registered charity and with grants and donations we are expanding and improving the facilities...

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Protecting Australia's koalas means it is important to educate everyone - school children, local families and tourists - about these lovable and harmless animals. 

Every time we release a rehabilitated animal it is a "teachable moment"...

20091006 Koala Forts Hit by car 02.JPG

Planting a Forest

We are planting a whole new forest of Eucalyptus trees! We have set aside a plot of land nearby, as "Land for Wildlife", and are planting hundreds of koala food trees...

20051114 Koala 5g.JPG

Future Projects

In future we hope to not only continue to rescue and treat and rehabilitate/ improve our hospital facilities but also to  collaborate with other Koala carers and researchers Australia wide to ensure that this iconic native will endure.

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